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The New Normal Podcast by Safaraz Ali

the New Normal Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

THIS podcast was recorded in the dying embers of 2020, before the disastrous ‘Christmas holiday’ easing of lock down or the roll out of the vaccination programme.

It was also recorded just days before Safaraz came down with Covid-19.

It is a fascinating piece of ‘crystal ball gazing’ without the benefit of hindsight.

The issues covered include how the world of business will be changed by the coronavirus and if these changes will be permanent or short term.

At the time of the recording all, but essential workers and those who could not, were working from home.

There was speculation as to if home working would become the ‘new normal’ for many people even when the coronavirus was passed and the impact that this might have on town and city centres and sectors like commercial property.


Whilst for many there have been benefits of being able to work from home, including more family time and less time and money spent on travel, the problems for people in difficult home circumstances, where working is not easy were debated.

Another factor discussed is the impact of isolation and how mental health for many has been damaged.

The conclusion was that in some ways the world of work would never return to how it was pre-Covid-19 but also that it is too early to predict with any certainty which of the changes will be permanent.

Even at the time of the recording, it was clear that many businesses would be dreadfully and fatally damaged but that there were also winners to come from the coronavirus, especially IT businesses.

There was also a recognition that the changes in the way people work had forced many to learn new skills that will make them more effective in the future.

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