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Series Review Part 3. Podcast by Safaraz Ali

Series Review Part 3. Podcast by Safaraz Ali –
In this week’s episode we take our final look back at some of the topics we have covered in the latest series of Canny Conversations, We have taken the important elements from these subjects and brought them down into a selection of bullet points for you to easily digest and guide you to the expanded versions in the relevant episode. We start with, where does emotional intelligence sit in your organisation? Is it valued? Does it make a difference? Then we touch on the power of coaching in the development of individuals, from new insights to new perspectives, peer learning is an important part of supporting colleagues and teams. Finally, the value of feedback from external stakeholders. Here Saf explores the process and actions Pathway takes using examples of recent reviews and inspections to develop a roadmap for improvements and ensure the organisation and its people are truly fit for purpose.

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