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Jan Richardson Wilde CEO, OAL - Part 2 by Safaraz Ali

Jan Richardson Wilde CEO, OAL – Part 2 by Safaraz Ali –

In this inspiring episode, and the continuation of Safaraz’s conversation with Jan Richardson CEO of Occupational Awards Limited, they talk about her remarkable 35+ year career journey in education and training. 

Jan shares the challenges she faced early on as a young single mother yet persevered to gain qualifications and progress through roles from trainer to senior leader. She provides candid insights on juggling work and family, overcoming barriers and setbacks, and the importance of resilience. 

Jan discusses her current role as CEO of the Occupational Awards Limited, leading the organisation through growth and change. She offers wisdom on building culture, engaging employees, and “futureproofing” the business. Her stories impart nuggets of career advice and leadership best practices. Jan leaves us with a powerful message to keep evolving, not retire.