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How to Scale? Podcast by Safaraz Ali

How to Scale Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

The ambition of most businesses is to expand and grow.
But what is Scaling and how is this different to general growth and growing your business?

Safaraz will explain how the qualities needed to set up a business can be very different to those involved in scaling up successfully.

But it is also important to consider if scaling is the best thing to do. For some it will not bring the success and satisfaction that is sought.
Scaling it the wrong time and too quickly can be a recipe for disaster so the episode will consider if scaling is the right thing to do and the importance of timing.

For a business founder the process of growth can be very tough. By its very nature, it involves a degree of letting go and allowing others to take a bigger role.



Ben Francis, founder of Gymshark, decided that he was not the person to be at the helm when the time came to grow the sports apparel business. It was a brave decision but perhaps one that many business founders would find hard or impossible to make.

Safaraz explains that for anentrepreneur it can be a problem because scaling is often more about introducing processes rather than the skills required to found an enterprise.
The listener will be left to ponder some tough questions and it may be that some entrepreneurs will ask if scaling is really right for them and their business. Just because you can, does not mean you must or that it is the best way to go.
For some people being a big fish in a small pool will be better than being a small fish in a big one.
There is no one size fits all

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