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Paul Eeles CEO Skills and Education Group Part 1 by Safaraz Ali

Paul Eeles CEO Skillsand Education Group Part 1 by Safaraz Ali –

This week’s Canny Conversations Podcast features the first part of Safaraz’s conversation between him Paul Eeles, Group Chief Executive of the Skills and Education Group. Paul has been with the organization for 13 years, during which it has grown from a small regional membership body to a major national organization.

In this wide-ranging chat, Paul traces his career journey from school into hospitality and catering, to becoming a lecturer, and eventuallyrising to his current leadership role. Safaraz and Paul discusses pursuing continuous learning and qualifications as an adult, even though he did not excel academically at school. Paul shares perspectives on contributing his skills through voluntary roles such as charity trustee, school governor, and other community involvement. He talks about the importance of giving back and describes some of the organizations he supports. Safaraz and Paul cover some other topics including changes in the FE sector, networking beyond one’s immediate industry, and pushing yourself as a leader to think differently. Paul provides an inside look at leading a long-established membership organization and building on its legacy.