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Whether it is lack of customers, capital, or a culture thing it comes down to people. If your business is having issues with strategy, finance, marketing, sales, purchasing, systems, and processes, it is all down to people! To understand and seek to solve any business issues you need to understand, what I often term as the ‘people thing’ behind it.

If every problem in business is a people problem, then at the same footing every solution in business is a people solution. We have all heard that in property it is about location, location, location then with business it must be people, people, people.

Poor recruitment can have significant impact for any business, businesses thrive, survive or die based on who they hire and have working within their business. Getting great people on board does not usually happen by chance but when you can make it work – it works really well: great people are attracted to great business and in turn, great people make great businesses

Interview is a thing that brings fear to the hearts of many, and not surprisingly so! It can be nerve-wracking to sit in front of people and try and win them over.

But the interview is an undeniably important stage in the recruitment process and getting it wrong can result in poor recruitment that will not only cost your business heavily in money, but in time.

The sort of questions you ask people is key. Having a list of generic questions won’t tell you if the candidate can do the job you’re advertising, or if they’d fit well within the team.

You only have a certain amount of time to ask the questions you need, and the last thing you want is to come away thinking you’ve missed something. So, make sure all your questions give you the answers you need. This isn’t just about the initial questions you ask; the follow-up questions you ask can be just as, or even more, important. Are you clear on what you will ask when presented with certain types of answers?

Remember, whatever role you are recruiting for, preparation is key. Good preparation will help avoid poor recruitment, saving you both time and money in the long run.

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