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Canny Bites Sales, Marketing & Customer Services

Canny Bites sales, marketing & customer service are the lifeblood of every business. 

Sales is the fuel which drives a business forward. Without sales the business stagnates and dies.

It is important to remind ourselves at times regularly that customers buy from us to fulfil a need or to solve a problem. It is this tenuous relationship that all businesses must get a grip of.

Once a customer no longer sees value in the relationship, product or services they set to think of you as just a supplier rather than a partner or trusted adviser and potentially may go elsewhere.

Customers often leave businesses because they are fed up with the poor customer service, poor quality of the product or service. What has been committed hasn’t been delivered, relationship breaking down between the key buyer and your business. The key buyer moves on or there’s a change within the business such as being taken over or businesses closing due to liquidation or retirement.

The goal of a business is to aim towards becoming a business supply partner to your customers offering indispensable service that they rely on. To most business becoming a supply partner means that you’re an integral part of their process strategy, process and procedures. Becoming indispensable to your customers should be an important element of your business growth.

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