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Canny Bites. Successfully Scale up or Exit your Business.
by Safaraz Ali

The fourth instalment in the Canny Bites series, ‘Successfully Scale Up or Exit Your Business’ helps business owners and leaders know exactly what they need to consider when growing their business. It’s a workbook and a checklist for entrepreneurs to help put the foundations in place ensuring they have the right toolkits making scaling an easier task.

From Safaraz Ali the author of ‘Canny Bites: 52 Bites of business wisdom for leaders and entrepreneurs’, ‘Canny Bites: Another 52 Bites of business wisdom for leaders and entrepreneurs’ and ‘Attract. Retain. Grow. Your team to grow your business’ this book brings you an easy-to-digest guide to maximising the true potential of both your team and your business.

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