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Rachel Jagger Thomas JTL Training Part 2 by Safaraz Ali

Rachel Jagger Thomas JTL Training Part 2 by Safaraz Ali –

In this second half of our conversation between Safaraz Ali and Rachel Jagger-Thomas from JTL they talk more about diversity and inclusion within the building, engineering and services sector in the UK and how this can be improved and promoted. There is further discussion around the challenge of getting more women into technical trades such as plumbing and electrical work, which have historically been male-dominated fields. Rachel talks about the importance of role models and tackling biases that have deterred women and other underrepresented groups from entering these careers. Rachel also highlights JTL’s commitments to being a disability confident employer, advocating for more diversity through initiatives like the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, and influencing change within the sector. They talk about the work being done to make technical trades more welcoming for all, while acknowledging there are still challenges around perceptions, biases and stereotypes that need to be addressed.