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Graham Hasting-Evans CEO NOCN Group Part 1 by Safaraz Ali

Graham Hasting-Evans CEO NOCN Group Part 1 Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

In today’s episode, Saf begins a wide-ranging conversation with Graham Evans, CEO of the National Open College Network Group.In the first part of this two parts conversation, Graham recounts how his farming childhood and early career as a civil engineer in the global construction industry provided invaluable lessons that are still as powerful and relevant today in his role as CEO of an academic organisation.It is clear that no experience has been wasted for Graham but it has led him to question whether, in today’s world, we have become too cautious; do we protect our young people so much that they no longer know how to be resilient or how to take calculated risks.This conversation takes in his varied career that saw him place training schools on the 2012 Olympic site in order to bring the long-term unemployed into work, to preparations of the digital TV network for Y2K, and now his role guiding the NOCN group, as it grows globally.So, to better understand what those lessons were and how he applies his learning know how, and what you too could learn, why not have a listen.

Next week we will hear the second part of Saf’s conversation with Graham Hastings-Evans, CEO of NOCN Group. They will be talking about how the NOCN group has grown and where it is going in the future.