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Canny Bites Entrepreneurship

We’ve just gone through a period that has not been as challenging for entrepreneurs as this one in recent times. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been faced with having to quickly adjust to the ‘new normal’: businesses have been forced to pause, and many of us have been forced to make tough decisions regarding the future.

Our ability to adapt, be flexible and overcome great difficulties is what fuels our sector and is what makes us entrepreneurs. Some businesses among us have unfortunately drowned because of the current economic uncertainty, many are just managing to stay afloat, whilst others are staying way above water, surviving, and even thriving. These businesses, and the entrepreneurs that drive them have been able to survive through ‘pivoting.’ To ‘pivot’ in business, is to make a fundamental change to how their business operates to ensure its future success.

As entrepreneurs we should be constantly thinking about how we can grow and thrive, and we believe that all businesses embracing a digital aspect for their organisation is the way forward.

There is nothing more inspiring that to listen and see entrepreneurship stories and thoughts.

We leave you with a few final thoughts on some what you can do to nurture the characteristics you need to become an even more successful entrepreneur and to stand out from what seems like a crowded “entrepreneurship” arena:

Have integrity

know what is right and stand up for your cause. Never compromise what you believe in for the sake of profit. If you work hard enough at it, your time will come.

Forget the norms

Don’t follow the crowd necessarily or feel that you need to “hustle”. Do what seems right to you but challenge your thoughts continuously.  when it comes doing what you need to do, we suggest that you may consider whether you should do something just because it’s the way it’s always been done.

Find support

Having the right people behind you can make all the difference when you’re in business. Surround yourself with people within your business as well as externally and you’ll find that there will always be somebody ready and willing to tackle the next challenge with you, head on.

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