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Pause to Review (once more). Podcast by Safaraz Ali

Pause to review (once more). Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

The second series of the Canny Conversations Podcast closes with Safaraz retracing his steps and reflecting upon the many topics and issues that have been covered.

It will remind listeners to be clear what they mean by best and the challenges of scaling a business.

People are central to success and the series has looked at behaviours and why some people are more in need of validation than others.

Then there is the desire for perfection and how this can be a curse that holds back progress.

Networking is such a huge topic that two episodes are given to examining this and providing pointers.

Improving performance is often not about the ‘big idea’ but utilising the power of marginal gains and this is discussed at length with examples.

There is no apology for revisiting and taking a fresh look at recruitment including some ideas from ‘left field’ as to how bias can be eliminated from the process.



The importance of making good decisions and taking time is also covered and in the last but one episode there is a debate about what the most important features of giving a business a solid foundation should be.

Safaraz also deals with the pressures of business life and how it is important to try to make things a little ‘less crazy’ as well as a discussion of the issues of physical and mental health.

All of these form part and parcel of the reflective process that will also include dealing with the comments and observations of listeners.

Safaraz has looked at business from many angles, the trials and also the rewards. He believes the entrepreneurial spirit still burns strong as is his determination to continue to make a difference.

It is not for nothing that he has labelled himself ‘the MAD’ (make a difference) Social Entrepreneur. Hopefully, this series will have helped those considering following him and also those already on their way.

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