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Pause to Reflect Podcast by Safaraz Ali

Pause to Reflect Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

AT the end of a series that has covered so much ground the last episode is an opportunity to reflect and do some stock taking.

Listeners must decide if the secondary objective of providing a guide to some of the key questions facing businesses of all sizes has been achieved.

For Safaraz , podcasting is a venture undertaken with reluctance and much thought. He wanted to have something useful to say and did not want to just jump on a bandwagon. The test was to come up with a series of a quality that would not be out of place on BBC Radio 4, others must decide if that has been achieved.

The core objective was to ‘start of conversation; and so, the final programme is the series tackles some of the questions raised by listeners.

For one careful listener the idea of ‘leading from the back’ seemed a contradiction and the idea that a business can be run like a family ‘unrealistic.’

Safaraz ’s doubts about the value of experience also raised some eyebrows.


This first series was broadcast at a time like no other for business, not just in the UK, but all over the world. Perhaps this is a reflection of the fact that listeners were not only in the UK.

Time will tell how many, if any, of the predictions as to how the business world post Covid-19 will look, come to pass.

The final episode comes back to the point that businesses are about people.

Without people to set them up and run them there would be no businesses and this is also true without that essential ingredient customers.

A point made during the series was that businesses must welcome complaints and feedback. It is the way to learn, and most people don’t complain they just vote with their feet.

Any comments and feedback, on these podcasts, will be much appreciated as would anyone who chooses to like and subscribe.

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