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Jenny Pelling Director of Apprenticeship Development & Diversity - Kaplan
Part 2 by Safaraz Ali

Jenny Pelling Director of Apprenticeship Development and Diversity, Kaplan
Part 2  by Safaraz Ali –

In this episode we hear the second part of Safaraz’s conversation with Jenny Pelling, Director of Apprenticeship Development and Diversity at Kaplan, the educational services company. In this continuation of their conversation, Jenny shares her journey in the education sector, from her part time role in HR that shifted into education, to rising up the ranks to become a director. They discuss some of the challenges apprentices face today, from imposter syndrome to struggles with work-life balance and mental health.

Jenny outlines the pastoral care, mentoring, and lifelong support that apprentices really need to thrive – beyond simply learning the curriculum and coursework. This includes the coaching, confidence-building, and fostering of crucial life skills that she spearheads at Kaplan.

They also focus on the importance of collaborations and strategic partnerships to drive the industry forward together,  through data-driven insights and broader representation. Kaplan has key focuses on the way people learn through technology as well as increasing opportunities.

Jenny offers her advice for both individuals looking to advance in their careers, as well as guidance for parents on the evolving landscape of apprenticeships today.