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Strategic and business planning

Canny Bites Strategic and business planning

Canny Bites strategic and business planning, means having a clear vision for the growth of the business.

Vision inspires confidence it sets the scene for what can be achieved and gives us a strength to carry on when out circumstances are far from that desired future.
In these unprecedented times we need business leaders to have a strong vision to carry and propel their business forward

The power of breaking down your vision into strategic themes

Business plans are often produced are only shared with a few people and often, are not put into practice. This is where we can get the vision broken. To strategy themes done correctly this can be shared with everyone in the business to ensure we’re all on the same page, pushing in the same directions and take control of growth plans. Any themes which are completed should be broken down into goals which are shared.

Communication should be appropriate with manages regularly, reporting the goals of the projects to strategic themes. In addition, quarterly updates should be in place to help the managers and other staff understand the impact that the work is having on the overall goals of the organisation.

It is important to identify an understanding of the strategic themes that will allow the business to grow and develop.

It’s quite easy to identify ten plus themes for the business however its important to prioritise to allow three but no more than five as that will ensure a greater focus and will help to ensure resources are not overstretched.

Plan on getting it right wherever you can

We often need people around us who can challenge and support us to temper and improve our decision making, people who can reason, encourage, and support appropriately. Some of the more established and larger businesses can utilise the services of a group of non-executives or governors to who can provide, challenge and support to the executive team.

This is often a governors check and balancing role. In addition to this, executives often need mentoring or coaching to move forward. Having a coach who could help you improve your performance in areas to be lacking or in activities where improvement is needed can be a ‘Godsend’.

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