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Sue Thexton - Managing Director at One File Part 1

Sue Thexton – Managing Director at One File Part 1 –

In this brand-new episode of The Canny Conversations Podcast, Safaraz is in conversation with Sue Thexton, the Managing Director and EVP of One File, one of the technology leaders within the education sector.

In the first half of their talk (you’ll be able to hear the second half next week), Sue discusses One File’s history and growth, as well as their focus on apprenticeships. She shares her personal journey from graphic design to technology leadership, highlighting her experiences at companies like Adobe and Macromedia.

Sue also emphasizes the importance of simplifying complex matters and fostering strong relationships in leadership. The conversation delves into Sue’s leadership style, team development, and the recruitment process at One File. The first half of this fascinating conversation provides insights into Sue’s career, organizational culture, and strategic initiatives at One File.