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It All Starts with YOU Podcast by Safaraz Ali

It All Starts with YOU Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

THIS episode will be a reality check for many who see themselves as the next Richard Branson or Michelle Mone.

People decide to go into business for many reasons: For some it is to make a lot of money, for others because they want to make a difference and for too many, it is an accident or perhaps a ‘forced’ decision because they have been made redundant and cannot get another job.

We hear about the success but for every one of these there are many failures. The majority of start-ups will fail. Indeed, Safaraz is even more blunt: ‘failure is the norm.’

For a lot of entrepreneurs, it is anything but glamorous, involving a lot of hard work for very limited reward. Of course, for the small number of ‘blessed’ they do something they like and do well and make money at the same time but for most it is not this way.


Also enjoying something and being good at it may well not be enough. An excellent mechanic has no guarantee that they will make a successful garage owner. Being a good technician or manager is not the same as being a successful business owner.

So, what are the qualities for success?

A passion to the point of obsession helps and so does an optimistic outlook. There will be dark days where belief is all that keeps you going and running a business can be a very lonely place.

Setting up a business is a risk and therefore entrepreneurship is not for the timid or risk averse, but neither is it for the reckless.

However, to be successful in business does not have to involve being hard or extravert.

Safaraz, describes himself as a natural introvert and shy.

“We hear stories of the child entrepreneur in the playground selling lemonade. That would not have been me. I would more likely have been the person buying the pop.”

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