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Craving the Credit Podcast by Safaraz Ali

Craving the Credit Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

Why do some people always seem to crave attention and want to claim the credit?
Are these the superstars of a business or can they be a very corrosive influence that damage teams and undermine collective success.
In this episode Safaraz digs under the skin of this and considers why some people need to be seen to be top dog. The debate looks at some of the emotional issues involved and the likelihood that in some cases, at least, it can be an indication not of confidence or arrogance but deep insecurity.
It also raises questions about how a highly competitive environment can encourage this kind of behaviour and if things such as targets and internal competition between colleagues can do more harm than good.

Perhaps businesses would be more successful if the focus was upon getting people to try to do their best rather than hit numeric targets. The process of setting targets and having people compete with each other can perhaps be detrimental to team success.

For example, is a footballer set a target of so many goals a season more or less likely to be a team player?
There is an adage that it is amazing what can be achieved when no one cares who takes the credit.
The listener may want to ponder if insecurity, not self-confidence, is more often than not the driver of a constant need for validation.

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