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A Path Less Crazy. Podcast by Safaraz Ali

A Path Less Crazy. Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

Anyone going into business must be crazy, it goes with the territory is what is often said.

Jokingly aside in this episode Safaraz suggests some ways in which we make this  path a little less crazy.

Safaraz draws upon personal experience to offer suggestions as to how to control and limit pressure.

We have all heard that hundreds of thousands by entrepreneurs every year, but all the stats show that over half will fail quickly, and majority will never get anywhere close to their fifth birthday

Being in business isn’t easy! For every success story there are thousands that do not make it.

Going into business to make a lot of money on its own is never a great driver on its own, because most will not. What they will get is hard work, long hours and at least in the early years little reward. A high proportion of businesses will fail.

There will be a lot of stress and often little or no support network.

But if the above doesn’t put you off then listen to the podcast and then think about how you minimise your risk and grasp the opportunities.



To perform well and run a good business it is vital to stay as much as you can mentally strong and physically fit as possible.

Taking time out to exercise, to rest and spend time with friends and family is an investment. Many businesspeople feel guilty if they are not working all the time and this is a mistake. Of course, if you enjoy what you are doing and have a passion for it that helps.

Find a job you love, and you will never have to work again has a level of truth.

But everyone needs to recharge their batteries at time. This means that rest and recouperation has to be part of the schedule.

The episode discusses the importance of recognising the signs of mental health problems for the entrepreneur and in his or her staff and not being afraid to seek help.

Feeling constantly tired, feeling overwhelmed, poor concentration, difficulty sleeping or sleeping to much, loss of appetite or overeating are just some of the signs that should not be ignored.

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