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Rachel Jagger Thomas JTL Training Part 1 by Safaraz Ali

Rachel Jagger Thomas JTL Training Part 1 by Safaraz Ali –

In this week’s podcast we have the first part of Safaraz’s conversation with Rachel Jagger-Thomas from JTL, national training provider in England and Wales for the electrical, plumbing and heating industries, and a member of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance.

Rachel is the Diversity, Safeguarding and Inclusion Advisor for JTL, she has over 13 years’ experience working in equality, diversity and inclusion roles across higher education, further education and now in industry training.

In her conversation with Safaraz, Rachel shares insights from her career journey and diverse experiences living and working internationally.

They discuss how the dialogue and language around diversity, equality and inclusion has evolved over the past decade, moving from compliance to a more active engagement. Rachel also talks about some examples of the positive changes she has seen in some organizations taking proactive steps for inclusion, while also acknowledging there is still further progress needed in the sector.

They also look at improving gender equity and the representation of minority groups in trades.