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canny bites leadership and culture

Canny Bites Leadership & Culture

Canny Bites Leadership and Culture, when you ‘connect the dots’ with Leadership and Culture of an organisation you can seriously transform any business and make a real difference.

We believe that there are 6 areas of focus that every business should be considering:

Your Company Culture: if your culture is defined as ‘the way you do things’  and many businesses aspire to create a Culture that Drives Success

We want to help you create and maintain a high performing workplace culture and provide support to you in using and ensure alignment with all the other key activities you have within your organisation.

Leadership and Management: how your leadership and managers conduct their roles will have a bearing on your business success. Are they effective and respected or they ‘accidental managers’ that have found themselves in that position? Are they a benefit to your culture or a barrier to change?

What does it mean to be a Leader?

When the decision makes itself

How to walk the talk?

Sir Alex Ferguson on Leadership and the Importance of Respect

Failure - Think like a scientist

Culture vs Behaviour

Pause to Reflect

Why you should be working IN your business

Should you accept someone's management style?

Is a lack of diversity holding your business back?

Do Leaders need to have all the answers?

Mentoring it's a two way street

Leadership and what makes a TRUE LEADER

Company Culture - What is it really?


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