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Better than the Best Podcast by Safaraz Ali

Better than the Best Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

Safaraz explores what we mean by ‘best’ and how we can be sure that when we say that we are giving our best this really is the case.

‘You can only ever do your best,’ ‘Strive to be the best you can be,’ ‘Best is sometimes not good enough,’ ‘It’s always possible to do better.’ These are phrases we often hear but they cannot all be true, or can they?

Safaraz explores this four-letter word and discusses its real meaning and contradictions. It can be objective such as the fastest 100 metres or subjective, the best meal, book or television programme.

It can change depending upon circumstances. Our best one day can be a genuine reflection of our effort and application but numerically inferior to what we achieve on a different day when things are in our favour.

Understanding what is best is vitally important for those in leadership or management roles. There is nothing more demotivating than for someone who has genuinely given his or her best to be criticised. But equally a high performer can turn in good results whilst not giving their all.

We also need to recognise that humans are not machines, no one can give their best all of the time. In fact, if they try to do so they will likely, like a machine run flat out, eventually break down.
Taking it easy at times can be an important part of being able to deliver best when it is really needed.

All of these issues are covered in an episode they may not be the best but will raise questions.

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