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the Business of Aviation. Podcast by Safaraz Ali

the Business of Aviation. Podcast by Safaraz Ali –

Vince Essex, who has more than 25 years’ experience of aviation, has his feet firmly on the ground when he joins Safaraz for a conversation about the past present and future of flying. They consider how the sector is recovering after having been one of the most badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Connectivity is hugely important for economic prosperity and business.

Safaraz is joined by Vince Essex, who has more than 25 years’ experience in the aviation sector, to talk about this and how the world of flying has changed.

Both agree that air travel has a big part to play in economic prosperity although Safaraz says that most of his flying is for leisure rather than business.

Vince and Safaraz consider the challenge for Birmingham that sits mid-way between London and Manchester and struggles to attract the passenger numbers that its facilities and excellent transport links deserve.

They also talk about working in aviation and the many and varied opportunities, with Safaraz providing thoughts about how apprenticeships can put people on the runway to a career in the sector.


Vince talks about some of the major changes and shares his thoughts on why very large aircraft like the Airbus A380 are having to give way to smaller and more energy efficient airplanes.

With the environment and climate change so high on the global agenda, Vince and Safaraz discuss how aviation can and is responding to the need to be cleaner.

As someone who flies infrequently Saf says that he only takes to the skies when a reasonable alternative is not available so does not feel guilt.

Vince says that aviation is doing what it can to be less polluting but accepts that there can be no quick fix and it will take time for step changes to engine technology to come about.

They also discuss how changing habits as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic will affect aviation and agree that the jury remains out on if the use of zoom and other similar platforms will reduce the demand for business travel.

But they agree that face-to-face is always going to be a big part of doing business.

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