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Sue Thexton - Managing Director at One File Part 2

Sue Thexton – Managing Director at One File Part 2 –

In this brand-new episode of The Canny Conversations Podcast, which is Series 5 Episode 30, We have the second half of Safaraz Ali’s conversation with Sue Thexton the Managing Director and EVP of One File, one of the technology leaders within the education sector. 

Their discussion continues, this week, looking at various facets of technology careers, industry challenges, and the broad spectrum of roles within technology companies. They will also be looking at the significance of diversity support, and the value of partnerships within the industry.

They touch on the challenges faced by training providers, the need for industry improvements, as well as growth strategies for OneFile, such as organic growth and potential acquisitions, Saf and Sue also talk about the challenges faced by independent training providers and colleges, emphasizing the need for industry support and collaboration to address financial difficulties and improve completion rates.