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Innovation and Change management

Canny Bites Innovation and Change Management

Jim Collins, in his book how the mighty fall between the concept of hubris born of success. Where he outlines how companies forget to develop or innovate their core business and go looking for the next shiny product or opportunity.

Canny Bites innovation and change management

It is always easier to look at your competitors and attempt to imitate them rather than looking at way of innovating i.e., improving your own product or services so that things don’t stagnate. This is where a culture of continuous improvement is necessary in your business across all your activities. Whether customer facing or otherwise.

The process of planning, doing checking acting illustrates this very well. Ideally, they should not be done in isolation but with a team of people across the business. 

Adding continuous value should be something that all businesses strive to and will ensure the continuous growth. Innovation at a basic level seeks to meet problems head on with solutions keeping close to customers will help your identity issuers or pain they are experiencing.

If we can come up with solutions to address this, we will have products with value. This is where linking to a strong customer service mindset will ask those questions head on to identify if the customers are experiencing any problems with your product or service and what you can do to improve what they are experiencing.

This approach will keep you close to your customers, provides information where process appropriately could foster new approaches and ideas to meet better the needs of existing customers but will also help you gain more customers.

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