Canny Bites. Three Insightful Books as a reference for your business, think of these as bites of inspiration..

Canny Conversations by Safaraz Ali, where he shares his insights and experiences on entrepreneurialism, having a growth mindset and getting the best out of people.

Over 10 episodes in series 1, Safaraz speaks with journalist Adrian Kibbler. These conversations are intended to challenge and cannily captivate. Let us know if they do or otherwise!

The topics covered in these conversations include the importance of people, how to recruit them and get the best from them. It explores what makes a good leader and how to build strong teams within a winning culture.

‘Don’t expect to agree with everything but remain open and challenged. There is plenty to ‘chew on’ as Safaraz might say.

Safaraz Ali is the author of Canny Bites books, the latest being: Attract, Retain and Grow your people to grow your business. He breaks down what you need to do to get the right people, keep and engage them, develop, and build your team to create a high-performance culture for sustainable business growth.

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