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Viren Patel CEO Open University Part 2 by Safaraz Ali

Viren Patel CEO Open University Part 2 by Safaraz Ali –

In the second part of Safaraz’s conversation with Viren Patel CEO of The Open University Worldwide, They talk about Virens perspectives on leadership, diversity, and driving change. He discusses leading The Open University through the pandemic, embracing new technology like AI, and strategies to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving world.

Viren stresses the importance of empowering teams, coaching rather than micromanaging, to help employees reach their potential.

Other topics that Viran and Safaraz cover include, talent development, work culture, managing diverse teams, and maintaining a work-life balance. Viren offers wisdom as both a business leader and a champion of inclusion, adding value, guiding others, and positively influencing the work force under his leadership.