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Sophie Norris Early Careers Manager Bentley Motors. Part 1 by Safaraz Ali

Sophie Norris Early Careers Manager Bentley Motors Part 1 by Safaraz Ali –

Joining us In this episode is Sophie Norris, the Early Years Career Manager at luxury carmaker Bentley Motors Ltd. Sophie was born and raised in Cannock in the West Midlands, but now calls Manchester home after attending university there. Safaraz will be talking to Sophie about her interesting career journey, from studying English Literature, to pivoting into human resources, eventually landing her “dream role” at the iconic British brand Bentley Motors where she now manages a portfolio of over 250 trainees across a variety of programs.

Sophie will also share insights into Bentley’s ambitious Beyond 100 strategies focused on sustainability and innovation to lead sustainable luxury mobility over the next century. We’ll learn how Bentley managed to accelerate growth and navigate uncertainty over the past few years. Finally, in this first part of her conversation with Safaraz, Sophie will talk about her management style and what she has learned from previous managers during her career.